6 Eye Make-up Looks To Try This Season

The eyes are the windows to your soul, goes the popular adage. Indeed they happen to be the most important facial feature especially for a woman. And perhaps that is the reason why there is so much stress on eye makeup. Also, women irrespective of their age, height, weight etc. love to be appreciated for their beauty and looks. However not everyone is blessed with extraordinary facial features but you can always use makeup to enhance your features. Also, when it comes to makeup most of us consider lips, eyes and cheeks but no doubt eyes happen t be the most defining facial feature and needs some extra attention. Perhaps that’s why it is very important to apply proper eye makeup and make sure that they are the most beautiful thing on your face.

There are different types of eye makeup. Although there doesn’t happen to be specific classification but you can always differentiate between daily wear looks and the one for special occasions such as parties, evening look, date night etc. So if you are not sure how to go about different eye makeup looks here we have brought some really cool makeup tips to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Have a look at them and let your eyes do all the talking.

  1. Natural Eye Makeup

The natural eye makeup is perfect for every day look when you want to add a pop to your simple look but still don’t want to draw too much attention t yourself. Start by defining the crease with natural eye shadows. Use light eyeliner and mascara in some natural colour palette to compete the look. You can work around colours such as brown and black and get the perfect look.

  1. Something That Will Take you from Day to Night

Well, if don’t have much time at your disposal to do the makeup from scratch again and again and are looking for something that will help you transition from day to night then maybe you should try the shimmery look. Opt for soft shimmer as it will help illuminate your lids giving you a fresh look. Also, subtle metallic and pastel shades will work perfectly from day to night.

  1. The Gorgeous Cat Eye

The fun and flirty cat eye also known as the signature look of Lauren Conrad is a must have in the repertoire of every girl. It may seem hard to get it right at first try but with practice you will be able to master the look. So ladies, if you want your eyes to look beautiful, add this to your makeup regime and don’t be afraid to get catty.

  1. Double Winged Eyeliner

If you are in the mood to go edgy the double winged eyeliner is a must try. It is easier to get this look once you have perfectly mastered the winged eyeliner look. Start by lining the eyes on both top and bottom and wing out. Make sure that the wings are parallel to give it a perfect finish.

  1. Gradient Eye Shadow Look

The gradient eye shadow looks sultry and is perfect for party look. Moreover, it helps you add a bit of a drama to your otherwise simple look. All you need to do is to know how to play with gradients. Start by applying a light hued eye shadow from your inner eye and blend it to a darker shade at the outer edge of your eye. You can also experiment with different colours for different effects. Don’t forget to apply mascara and eye liner to complete the look.

  1. Smokey Eye Look

Glam and sultry this look is a favourite among all the female folk. Use different shades of eye shadow and blend them properly. Use eyeliners and mascara to give it an elegant finish. Remember that although you can use any colour to get the look you need at least three shades of similar hues for the perfect look.

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