Get yourself a new wardrobe in 2017 with these hot trends

As the whole world gets ready to welcome the new year, we, the lady ninjas are looking forward to the fashion prediction of 2017 to revive our wardrobe with everything hot and sexy. While 2016 was a remarkable year for the fashion enthusiast bringing with it the eclectic mix of three generations- the ‘70s, ‘80s, and the ‘90s; it is important to know where we are going to be on the fashion orbit in the coming year.  Hence, we took the time to scour the fashion runways and bring you some of the hottest style to make the coming year more amazing than the previous one. Here, have a look at what is ahead and get your wardrobe ready for the coming year with the latest trends.

  1. The must have pattern- ‘stripes’

stripe-dresses                                                                        img-source:

Bold and bright, stripes are sure to give you the much needed oomph to keep you energized and vivacious the entire year. Make a mark with the must have pattern and get contemporary with the super cool stripes making its presence felt everywhere be it knits, sheer fabrics and asymmetrical cuts.

  1. Treat Yourself with Something Soft and Pretty


If you are planning a wardrobe reinvention session to begin with to make the most of the upcoming year, why not start with the sorbet shades. Extremely sophisticated and chic, they are perfect shade to go for. Steer clear of pastel and neon shades and go chic with soft pink and lemony yellow.

  1. Go, Get your Gears


Now that the athleisure style ruled 2016, let’s take this trend a step further by stocking up on sweatshirts, jerseys, track pants and whatever is left of your sporting style. Make dressing up a game and rock the look with elan whether you are hitting the gym or heading home form party.

  1. The future is indeed bright

Fortunately, the fashion industry is always a step ahead of the game to present us with all the latest trends. That’s to say, we already have plenty of idea on what to stock our wardrobe with.

Use the season’s biggest trends to give your wardrobe a chic upgrade and shop everything with a fluorescent undertone.  Just make sure that it is bold and bright.

  1. No more blues

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Let go of ‘I-have-nothing-to-wear’ feeling and shop the favourite shade of the season that is blue. Blue is great if you need some break from monochrome and yet are not ready to try out bold colours . Update your wardrobe with the perfect shade and banish the blues.

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  1. Ruffles Dresses

Ruffle Dresses

Go big or go home. Ruffles ruled the NYFW runways and are sure to make its presence felt in whatever you wear be it asymmetrical skirts and dresses, sexy tops and blouses. Team it with neat pieces and look feminine and powerful.

  1. Yaas for Khaki


Give thumbs up for natural hues. Khaki is far from being boring this season. We owe it to no other than Kim Kardashian. Opt for tailored silhouettes and get going as you update your wardrobe with belted pants and chic jackets in variants of beige.

  1. Flowers all the way

long flowy skirts

Thumbs up for the season’s florals as it brings with it a fresh charm perfect to match the vibe of the new year. Let it bloom unhindered as it generously spreads itself onto everything from long flowy skirts, voluminous sleeves to sexy dresses. The motifs have an ultra feminine look and are sure to earn you compliments long overdue.

  1. Stay exposed


Overexposure is the new norm that awaits you in 2017. Bra tops, bandeaus, crop tops with shorter hems, cute lingerie like pieces and everything else which will put your midriffs on full display is the thing to go for. If you are not so confident to dive into the trend, get a sheer top and drape it over to look modest yet sexy.

  1. Go Green

With the new year just right around the corner, we will soon be inundated with lots of new style, trends, cuts and silhouette and we may not get to try each and everything. However, this cannot be an excuse to ignore the pantone colour of 2017. Make a head start on your new wardrobe with different hues of green. Greenery being the official name, the colour conveys hope and love for nature and is sure to give a fresh feel and vibe to your wardrobe. Shop accessories, shoes, clothes and possibly everything else you can put your hands on that resembles the colour to make sure that you don’t miss the trend.

There seems to be a great deal of shopping to do to be able to wear the hot trends of 2017. However, if you are among one of those who has made 2017 a no-shopping year this post is of no use to you. All we can do is to hope that you stick to your resolution and perform a shopping detox but these trends are just too good to ignore and at any moment if you change your mind you already know what to update your wardrobe with.

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