What footwear to wear this winter for a polished look

Getting your outfit right especially in winter is not an easy task. While you may succeed in getting the right look with coats, jackets, sweaters and cardigans etc. but not pairing it with the right footwear can easily ruin the look and make you look frumpy and old fashioned. Hence, paying attention to your footwear is no less important. It might be possible that you have a number of shoes in your closet but whether it goes with your winter look or not is necessary because wearing the wrong footwear can affect your overall look resulting in a dowdy look. Therefore, we have rounded up following footwear styles and how to team it with different outfits. Browse through the following tips and have a stylish winter ahead.



Everybody will agree that boots are a must have during winters. Besides, owing to the large number of styles available, the possibilities of having cute outfit is endless. Starting from ankle boots, combat boots, knee high boots, medium high boots, flat, heels and more, boots can really up your footwear game making you look super chic even in the dead of winter.  Most importantly, being extremely versatile they can be easily paired with almost everything.

You can easily wear boots with jeans, shorts, skirts as well as dresses. Whether you are looking for flat boots, wedge-heel or high heeled boots they are sure to make you look stylish. While flat boots are great for casual look paired with jeans, shorts and tights, go for heels when pairing it with dresses for an extremely chic look. Ankle boots as well as knee high boots look good with shorts and miniskirts. If you want to pair them with maxi skirts or dresses, stick to ankle boots for a stylish look.

Although classic black and brown colour are most preferred when it comes to boots, you can also get boots in exciting colours such as blue, red and yellow to brighten up the dull winter look.

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Boots are wonderful, no doubt but they too deserve some break. Replace your go-to-winter-boots with cute sneakers. They are comfortable, high on style and well and so easy to wear with different outfits. Available in all the different styles such as platform sneakers, slip on sneakers or converse sneakers etc. they look very cute and fashionable. Besides these, athletic sneakers are in vogue recently and are great to add a bit of an edge to your girly and feminine looks. Wear them with pants, denims, shorts, skirts, dresses and everything else you can think of. For a glam winter look, team sneakers with leather leggings or pants and sweaters and coats or layer your summer dresses with coats and jackets and add sneakers to complete the look.  Choose a bright coloured sneaker to brighten up your dull winter look.

Oxford Shoes and Moccasins


Oxford shoes have a masculine look to them. While they are great for winter look as you can wear socks with them and save yourself from having freezing feet when it starts getting cold. Wear them with feminine piece such as skirts and dresses to balance out the edgy look. When pairing them with jeans or pants, cuff them to show some skin to add a feminine touch to your look.

Similar to oxfords, moccasins look edgy and masculine and look great when paired with masculine pieces. Layer your winter look with long coats and wear moccasins to complete the look. You can also replace them with loafers and look sophisticated and stylish even when it is cold.

Pumps for a Professional Look


Sneakers and oxford shoes might look cute and stylish but they are not good for professional settings especially when your office follows a strict dressing rule. Hence, instead of wearing sneakers or the regular sneakers, opt for pumps for a chic, elegant and polished look. They look great with everything especially with pants and business suits. Opt for classic black and team them with your winter office look to look crisp and fashionable. If you want to make it look more interesting, wear a pair of fishnet socks and cuff your pants to make it look feminine, sexy yet elegant.

Ballet flats


A must have in your wardrobe; ballet flats are extremely versatile as they look great with everything and can in worn in every season. So whether you want to wear them with tights or jeans they are sure to make a style statement.  The great thing is that you can also wear them to office.

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