10 jaw dropping ways to wear all-white everything ?

You might be wondering how can actually pull off an all-white outfit. Well, it is not an easy feat as it looks like when the celebrities confidently show it off in front of the camera. There are so many things that you as a woman (or a man) have to think about. From the “what colored undergarments am I supposed to wear” to “will these pair of footwear go well with them or not”, there are so many things you have to consider.

If you too are looking forward to having what we think you are, you need tips which will ensure that you look hot rather not.

Trying different textures would be right for you : 

“A lot of white would make you look boring” is what a lot of wearers think. The monochromatic shade can be worn with a variety of textures to make that “boring-look” look not-so-boring. Mixing and matching textures would be a great idea if you want to club the same color and not look monotonous. For example, you can pick white straight cut jeans with a white lace crop top and top it off, white sneakers or espadrilles would be a great combination.

Choose which white to pick : 

Did you know that white is not a single color? You’ll have a plethora of whites when it comes to picking what matches your personality and need. Some of the popular whites include – winter white, antique petal, diamond white, ivory, evening mist, salt pepper and so much more. However, the bottom line is to make a choice that would look good with each other. If that’s not done, the entire assemble would look odd. So, choose wisely.

Choose the relaxed fit over the classics : 

It is not always mandatory to invest in the classic pieces where you also have the option of recreating your style by swapping certain articles. For example, you can always switch from the classic white tees to something like easy breezy t-shirt dress that would keep you feeling comfortable and stylish for the different occasions.

Try your hand at using proportions : 

You can do much with white color that you don’t even know. Being summers almost going, you can don a white jacket with a hot pants or miniskirt for a leg-lengthening effect. You can complement the entire outfit with boots and a chic colored bag to avoid looking like painted wall.

Research to get knowledge : 

When you want something to work, what is the first thing you do? Rather than jumping to the buying act, you research a lot about the same. In this case, read fashion blogs and get what you are looking for because that’s the idealistic way to get what you are looking for.

Nude shades should be incorporated : 

It can be very tricky when you have everything white – literally. Like the shoes, nails, accessories, bags and more which you pick white can be a little daunting. What you can do here is – choose a different shade of white for the above-mentioned things. For example, you can pick silver white stilettos or nude shade nail paint and likewise more options. This way, you’d carry the same color without looking like a mannequin.

Why not pep up with the accessories? : 

An all-white combination definitely does not mean that you have to incorporate EVERYTHING white. You can always pep up with a dash of colors in your jewelry. This would keep you feeling confident.

Compliment you attire a complementing hairdo and makeup : 

Make up is the birth right of every woman and having hairstyles that make them look longer, slimmer, sexier and more is what they invest in. So, you know how to go about the make. Just go too bright with your eye shadow and lipstick because the rest of the personality looks quite subtle.

Go for out-of-the-box footwear : 

Who said anything about only stilettos or pumps being the companion for dresses when you could pick sneakers as well as loafers for ankle-length dresses? It is all about how creative can you be when it comes to assembling your look and how confident you are while carrying it all together? Rock the look with all the confidence that you have.

Dont look like youre burdened : 

Confidence is the key to pull off an all-white look. If you lack the confidence, you should not ho for it rather than looking a little shy or held back while coming out. in the open. Just wear your style and be confident in whatever you pick to wear.

Are you ready to go white? Do let us know your comments in the section below.

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