3 Tips to Achieving Salon Quality Nails at Home

Sometimes fashion doesn’t need to be expensive. While there’s nothing like getting your nails done professionally, going to the salon as often as your nails chip can get pretty expensive. Rather than visiting the manicurist every week, save yourself the time, money, and stress by doing your nails at home.

It can be difficult to give yourself a manicure that you’re proud of, but even an amateur do-it-yourself-manicurist can create instagram-worthy nails if they know what to do. You can get salon-quality nails at home with these three helpful hints. Ditch the nail salon for a week and, if you use these tips, you’ll never need to go back.

1.   Get Salon-Quality Durability with Gel Polish : 

If you want to apply your own manicure with salon-quality results, you might consider switching from traditional nail polish to gel polish. Even when applied by an amateur, gel polish looks glamorous, elegant, and impressive. After all, the best gel polishes can achieve richer shades of color and a glossier, smoother finish than most traditional nail polish formulas. With thousands of gel polish colors to choose from it may seem overwhelming at first, but, no matter which color you choose, you’re likely to get an intense and vibrant color in no more than two coats. You can also be sure that, regardless of color, if it’s gel polish it will maintain its fresh-out-of-the-salon, high-gloss shine throughout its lifetime.

But gel nails aren’t just irresistibly smooth and shiny, and beautiful, they’re also a great option because they last so long. A manicure of gel nails can last you up to three weeks without chipping away! That’s right—gel polish does not flake away in bits and pieces, even when exposed to reasonable stress. Instead, the reason you might want to remove your gel nails is if it were to grow out too much, revealing too much unpainted nail bed. Removing gel nails is not harmful or difficult—simply soak your nails with gel polish remover and your polish will gently peel off. Your gel nails will look and feel salon quality without ever needing to leave your home.

2.   Get Salon-Quality Color Using an LED Nail Lamp : 

If you do decide to give gel nails a try, you will need to know about the two main lights used to cure gel polish: the us nail lamp and the led nail lamp. Gel polish dries when it is cured briefly with one of these two lights, so you’ll need to decide which one is best for you. Both the uv and the led nail lamp are sure to create beautiful, dry gel nails, but my preference is the led nail lamp.

The advantage that the led nail lamp holds over the uv nail lamp is that it preserves the richness of your gel polish color better. That is, with an led nail lamp your gel nails are more likely to dry the same color as they paint on. This is because, unlike the uv nail lamp, the led nail lamp emits a white light that does not interfere with the gel polish color during curation.

Don’t worry, though—even if you don’t cure your gel nails with an led nail lamp the color is sure to look bold! Newer and higher-quality uv nail lamps can cure color just as purely. For a salon-quality manicure in your living room, find the right uv or led nail lamp for you!

3. Get Salon-Quality Precision Using a Toothpick : 

What makes a salon manicure superior to my weak attempt to paint with my wobbly left hand? The polish is applied steadily without overstepping the border of the nail. While it might not be simple to apply polish steadily on your own hands, it is easy to prevent messy borders. Use a toothpick (as long as it’s not too sharp!) and trace along the border of your nail after applying polish—that’s it!

This trick is easiest with gel polish because it dries smoothly, even if you accidentally brush you gel nails with the wooden tool. When you use this technique on gel nails it is easy to separate and remove unwanted gel polish. You’ll have to react quickly with traditional nail polish as some formulas can stain the skin temporarily. However you choose to paint your nails, cleaning up the edges of your nails always creates a salon-quality look!

So, you see, fashion doesn’t need to be expensive when it comes to your nails. The key to salon-quality nails at home lies in the details: avoiding chips, maintaining shine, vibrant color, precise application. Just tending to these main points can make any homemade manicure look as though it were professionally applied. With these tips it is easy to achieve salon-quality nails.

Author Bio: Vanessa is a beauty industry veteran with over 20 years experience working in salons. You can find more of her work at www.diygelnailkits.com

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