5 Fashion Resolutions for 2015

fashion resolution

Fashion is for everyone right from a new born to the oldest lady in the house. It is not just about buying dresses, accessories and makeup kits but also about wearing the items that suit you best and enhance your individual self. The idea of dressing up differs from person to person and place to place.

It is New Year and here are the set of five fashion resolutions that must be followed in order to correct the fashion blunders done in the past.

Choose clothes that make you happy

All women love dressing up, the only difference being one may like dressing up traditionally while the other may prefer western attire. It is important that we select clothes which we can be carried with full confidence and ease. Following a latest fashion trend just for the heck of it while feeling unsure about it won’t be just to our own happiness. You should select a clothing piece which makes you feel poised and self – assured in all situations.

Know your body type

Nothing can be more flattering than getting compliments on how perfect you look! Choosing the right clothes as per your body type helps you highlight your positive areas and hide your less than perfect bits. For example if you are a pear shaped woman with full hips and thighs, you could probably go for a dress that extends up to the knee length and has a plunging V neck. A short dress would be a strict no – no in this case. Slim women with a thin body type should opt for sweaters, knit dresses and layers. A thick belt or a bubble dress gives the appearance of a larger body for such women. So next time you go shopping be sure to select something that flatters your body type!

Come out of the shell. Try something new!

Many of us fear to take risks and become complacent with the same type of clothes over and over again. This year let go of that fear and try something new, maybe something you have always wanted to do but never mustered the courage to go ahead! Experiment with textures and prints for a fun look, add some sparkles to your dress for a chic style or don that neon accessory which has been hanging there in your closet since ages! Go wild with innumerable possibilities with hair, shoes, makeup and much more. Get downright creative and not worry about what others think about you!

Make some efforts

Never feel lazy to look your best when you go out. As per a research, clothes play a crucial role in deciding your first impression. People who are dressed up appropriately to the occasion are perceived with greater admiration. So while a formal shirt and trouser is suitable for a business meeting, an elegant gown or sarees is a good choice for an evening party. So always remember to dress up well and smart every time you go out, be it a party or shopping or to a friend’s house.

Make the best use of online shopping

With the development of the internet and e-commerce, you get anything and everything online. There are many websites that provide mouth watering offers throughout the year on leading fashion brands. Keep checking these websites to get latest updates about new arrivals and offers and save your time and money right from your home.

Bring on the New Year and follow these simple tips to make your life a little more fashionable!

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