Carrie was an amazing girl. Beyond amazing. Wherever she went, she won nothing but praises and hearts. The heart of the parties. The triumphant one at work. The perfect one at family gatherings.

But, she had one major problem- she did not know how to manage her wardrobe.  She didn’t know what to keep or hat to throw. How to keep and how to grow.

And soon, she went from rockstar to coaltar. Her decline was steep and unforgiving. She lost herself in the bourgeois of her overpowering wardrobe. She didn’t know what to wear, and how to wear. Her confidence was in shambles.


If you don’t want to suffer the same fate as Carrie, its time you give your wardrobe a reality check. Revamp it. Upgrade it. Improvise it. And guess what, you don’t need a million bucks to do that. Just a sorted mind and a sorted closet. You will discover the self-sufficiency of your closet only when you rid it of layers of trash.

Before you do anything else, ask your wardrobe these questions!

1. When was the last time I wore it?

Something in the closet, either awfully pretty or terribly hideous. Hasn’t been touched for years. Either it’s not your size, not your type, not your taste or not your class. Or, you don’t know where to where it. If you own something (or a dozen such things) in your wardrobe, which have only been occupying space for atleast 2 years, its time you take it out, and trash it. Or, if its really special, you can contemplate giving it to a friend of that size or style sensibilities. And guess what? She will be obliged to be nice to you.

If trashing or giving away aren’t our thing, try cutting or altering it into something else. Or in your size. But remember, there is a limit to that too!


2. Is it trendy enough?

Yes, we know, fashion follows a cycle, what goes around, comes around in the realm of fashion.  But then, by the time it comes back in vogue, you just might not be able to wear it. So, better wisdom should prevail and you should discard it!


3. Do I have the right ensemble to team this with?

Especially holds true for accessories. It may just be beautiful, but then, you don’t know what to wear it with. Either you complete the ensemble or pass it on. Don’t just hold on. As it is.


4. Is it my size?

Probably the most important. You know how we all tend to keep a whole different closet of the smaller size pieces. As a motivation, to work hard, and fit into it. More often than not, those pieces fail to motivate, and end up occupying a whole lot of place. Its time you make productive out of it. And if ever, you know, you happen to lose weight, you can always go shopping. Now that’s called incentive.


5. Is it getting too emotional?

“The first gift from my boyfriend”. “The last gift from my ex-boyfriend”. ‘’My dead aunt’s old skirt”. Aren’t you tired of carrying all this emotional baggage? Ofcourse, some things are precious beyond material reasons, and must be preserved forever, but then , not all of them. We must keep a limit to emotional baggage, and know how to differentiate between sentimental value and sentimental drama.


If you manage to champion these questions with your wardrobe, there is nothing coming between you and the perks of being well dressed. You will discover pieces you never remembered having.  Finding the right outfit every morning will become a cakewalk for you. We mean it. No kidding.

Love, Etashee



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