6 Different Types Of Jeans Every Girl Should Own

Nothing, we mean nothing could ever replace a good pair of jean. If you are talking about variety there is a dizzying array of cuts and styles to look for but we understand how it is with jeans. We stick to the ones we like and they become the workhorse of our wardrobe irrespective of all the amazing styles available out there. And perhaps that’s why they also happen to be one of the most worn out pieces in our wardrobe. They can be easily dressed up or down, are easy to carry and yes whoever doesn’t feel comfortable in jean is yet to find their perfect pair. At the same instance depending solely on a single pair of jeans is not really going to work for the style conscious ladies. We don’t recommend picking everything that is in vogue but these following 6 should not be avoided at any cost.

1. Boyfriend Jeans : Women Boyfriend jeans

Not having a boyfriend jean in your wardrobe sounds like a blunder. They are high on fashion and an absolute must have. They are cool, chic, a bit undone with a touch of masculine. Wear them to date nights and when catching up with your girlies and let the world take note of your amazing style. So now you don’t really have to steal from your boyfriend because you can have you own.

2. Skinny Jeans : Skinny jeans Women Jeans

A beloved of all jeans lover, skinnies are never going out of style. Come summer, fall, winter or spring there are ways you can always style them to get the desired results. Wear them with basic tees, button down shirt, pullovers and everything else to make sure that you always look chic and fashionable.

3. Flared Jeans : Flared Women Jeans

We get it; not everybody is blessed with long and lean legs but that is not an excuse to banish these wonderful jeans from your wardrobe. Flares are indeed one of the most exciting things that could have happened to your basic jeans and what is great is that they are back in trend once again. Wear them with feminine blouses and add a modern twist to these jeans.

  1. White Jeans : Women White Jeans

Not everybody loves a white jean and there are valid reasons for that. They are tricky to wear and you have to be extra mindful of where you are sitting so as not to stain it. Yet, it is wonderful to have one in your wardrobe. They are chic, fresh and offer the much needed break from blue and black denims. Team it with a striped short or light coloured top to create the perfect summer look.

  1. Cropped Jeans : Women Cropped Jeans

Those of you who simply cannot get along without jeans, cropped denims are here to add to your excitement. Cool and stylish they are ideal to be worn in both summer and winter. Team them with ankle boots or strappy sandals to shift the focus on your footwear and look your stylish best all the time.

  1. Black Jeans : Women Black Jeans

Although they don’t come as the first and foremost choice for denim lovers but your wardrobe will be incomplete if you don’t happen to have a black jeans with you. They are versatile and surely can be teamed with a number of different tops and tees to offer you a chic and polished look. One great thing about back jeans is that you can team them with possibly any print, colour or pattern. If you want to get best result from your black jeans, go for slim fit for a sleek and elegant look.

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