6 Essential Ladies Tops For The Millennial

It is quite common not very uncommon for men to see their wives or their girlfriends standing in front of their closet, looking completely confused about what to wear for a family function or an office party or any other occasion. You, however, can do nothing much about this except gifting her a top that she can pick at the drop of a hat, the next time you two plan to go out. Here are a few must have tops for every woman that you can pick for her.

Ruffled Tops


The romantic ruffle trend is the new age show-stopper and seems to have taken the world by storm. Ruffles are flattering and add a fun and architectural structure to a clothing. While horizontal ruffles add an illusion of fullness to a small bust, vertical ruffles are the best option for a well-endowed bust.



Tunics come in all sizes: some that are too short and some are very long! Short tunics can’t be worn as dresses, but can be paired with jeans, leggings, shorts or skirt. While, the long one may not be paired with a lower and can be worn as a dress. A loose fitting tunic top can help you hide the bulge around the waist, thereby giving a slimmer illusion.

Tank Tops


Tank Tops provide a chic way for women to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. All tank tops are sleeveless and they come in different styles ranging from Spaghetti strap to Thick strap to Racerback and more. They have multiple uses and can be worn while exercising, for work, for dinner or as a nightwear. For decades tank tops have been a preferred choice for a casual, carefree look.

Halter Tops


A staple of the ‘90s the back- baring halter top trend is back and continues to be the recent obsession with women. The style how it is worn, however, seems to have changed. The new age halter tops are not meant to be paired with low-slung, boot-cut jeans, they are rather worn with a crisp white skinny jeans or with a pencil skirt. Halter tops show off toned arms and slender shoulders.

Wrap Blouses


As the name suggests, the wrap blouse is a top that drapes around the torso and is secured into place with the use of knots. A wrap topfits all body types and accentuates a woman’s body and curves. These tops are a popular choice with pregnant women as it gives them the freedom to adjust the way it is tied as the belly sizes of expectant mothers grow with time.

Baby Doll Tops

baby doll

Hugging the rib cage to hide the unwanted bulge around the waist, the baby tops create a perfect illusion of an hourglass shape, no matter what the shape or size of the person wearing it is. These ultra-comfortable tops when worn with a smart pair of jeans or leggings along with a high-heeled footwear look trendy and fashionable, both at the same time.

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