6 Footwear You Need To Make A Splash This Monsoon

Hola precious! Monsoon has arrived, which means that you are going to get some respite from the scorching heat. But then there’s another worry to deal with. The rain and mud can easily damage your footwear and the fact that you absolutely cannot avoid stepping into muddy roads and puddles comes a huge blow to the fashionista inside you. But worry not! With huge variety of rain friendly footwear styles available in the market, you can easily update your footwear and make sure that the monsoon is not going to ruin your style. Here, have a look at these trendy footwear styles and enjoy the rain in all its glory looking your fashionable best.

  1. Slip on Jelly Shoes

Jelly sandals are hip once again so you don’t have them in your wardrobe you need to get one ASAP. Go ultra chic, cute or playful and use them to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe while keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Available in cute design they can be worn with shorts, skirts or jeans etc.

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  1. Gum Boots

Gum boots come as the best and the safest option to keep yourself dry and chic at the same instance. Opt for funky colours and let it brighten up your rain soaked feelings. The great thing – you can easily team them with jeans, shorts and skirts etc. for a trendy look.

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  1. Colourful Flip Flops

Flip flops happen to be a great choice during the monsoon season. They are not only easy to clean but will also keep you comfortable and stylish. Go for stylish colours and style and don’t be scared of walking into a puddle.

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  1. Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are great to be worn during the rainy season. They offer a good grip thus preventing you from slipping. Besides, you can always get them in cute and stylish colours and style.

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  1. Washable Sneakers

Just because it is raining outside doesn’t mean that your footwear choices have to be confined to flip flops and sandals. Get your hands on some washable sneakers to make sure that they are not damaged with rain and mud and don’t be afraid to brave the monsoon in style.

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  1. Slip on Protectors for Stylish Stilettos

You don’t really have to put away your stilettos now since the rainy season is here. Get some slip on rubber protectors to save them from getting spoiled, remove them once you reach the party and dance your way to joy.

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Monsoon is a time when your footwear takes a beating. Trudging through rain and mud you always run the risk of ruining your footwear. But by adding these rain friendly footwear styles to your wardrobe you can make sure that you stay stylish forever without damaging your precious footwear.

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