9 Tips to Hosting the Best Holi Party

The festival of colour is almost here. It’s the best time to celebrate with your loved ones. Holi is all about fun, colour and excitement. It is about spreading love and friendship and the feeling of togetherness. It is a great opportunity to unite with family, friends, relatives and dear and near ones. Hosting a Holi party for your loved ones is a great way to enjoy the festival in its real sprits. So if you are planning to play the Holi host this year, look into the following tips and make it awesome and enjoyable for all your guests.

  1. Guest list and fun invite

The first and the foremost thing when preparing to host a Holi Festival party is deciding on the number of guest you want to invite. When you had figured out the number of guests, it’s time to make a list so as to avoid any later confusion and make sure that your dear and near ones are not left out. Jot down the names of every one you would like to invite and keep it handy.

  1. Location

Once you are done with the list, it’s time to decide on the location. If you are inviting only few people you can host the party at home and have fun together. But if your home doesn’t have open garden and the guest list is bigger than expected it is advised to host the party at some location other than home that has lots of open area. Choose a place that has lots of open space. Open lawn and terrace are also good choice. You can also install temporary water showers or consider hosting it near a swimming pool.  Once the location has been finalized, it’s time to set the ambience with decorations. Make way for special lights, paper lanterns and balloons etc. to beautify the location.

  1. Invite

Now that the guest list and the location have been decided, it’s time to send invite to everybody who is on the list. Unless and until you are inviting only family and friends you don’t have to send a formal invite. Just make a phone call to everyone you want to invite and follow up with them a day or two before to find out if there are any last minutes changes in their schedule. However, if you want to get creative with your invites get your invitations printed in cute and Holi themed cards. You can also send them e-invites with location and time details or alternatively create a Facebook event page and send an invite to family and friends.

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  1. Dress code

The great thing about Holi is that you don’t actually have to dress up but that doesn’t mean that your guests will turn up in old clothes for the fear of getting their clothes dirty and spoiled. Decide on a dress code for your Holi party and ask all your guests to stick to it. White is a great option but if you want to make it more interesting ask your guests to add some fresh flower jewellery such as tika and flower necklace.

  1. Music

Now that everything is set, bring on some music to have a blast. Make arrangements for DJ, live music and dance to increase the fun factor however if you are hosting a small party at home you can still play some naughty Bollywood songs to rev up the party. Bollywood numbers like ‘Let’s Play Holi’ and ‘Balam Pichkari’ are an all time favourite Holi songs.

  1. What is Holi without colours

Organic Colors

Since Holi is the official festival of colour, you simply cannot miss out on this. Try organic colours and flower petals instead of chemical colours that don’t go away easily and are a pain to clean once the festival is over. Also, organic colours will keep your skin and hair safe from harmful chemicals which come with pakka colours.

  1. Food and drinks


A good delicious menu is very important to keep your guests happy. Plan your main course with yummy food options like biryani etc. supplementing it lots of street foods such as paani puri, chaat, paneer tikka etc. Don’t forget to add sweets and bhaang as a Holi party would be incomplete without them. Gujiya, malpua and laddoos etc. are great options in sweets. Along with bhaang, you can consider serving thandai, milkshakes and lemonade in drinks to make your guests drool.

  1. Games and entertainmentHoli-Balloon

Although Holi is all about having fun with colours, your guests will love it if you can add some exciting games to your party. It will keep the entertainment and making them want to stay longer. Go for musical chairs, antakshari, balloon filling competition, cards, dumb charades etc. to keep your guests hooked. You can also distribute some cute pichkari to kids to make sure that they are not left out.

  1. Gifts

Surprise your guests with interesting gifts. A hamper of sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, gulaal etc. come as great Holi gits. You can also add custom messages to these gifts and wish them fun and happiness.

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