Everything you need for perfect skin this Summer

Summer is all about having fun. Pool parties, beach and hanging out with friends which means that you simply cannot stay hid in your home but embracing the heat needs confidence as the harmful rays of the sun can easily wreak havoc on your skin and the rest of your days will be spent over figuring out how to get your glow back again. But worry not; with some precautions you will be able to enjoy summer in full spirit. After all the season offers too many glorious things to be a part of and few skin issues which can be dealt very well cannot deter us from having all the fun. So we have brought you some really cool skin care tips which are not only savvy and effective, but sure going to keep you in the happiest of mood with your skin fresh and glowing skin. Whether you are looking for solutions for seasonal complexion concern or are worried about the makeup meltdown, something that will control the oil secretion or keeping those annoying zits away at a bay, these tips and tricks are sure to make your skin ready for summer without letting it ruin your confidence.

  1. Keep your skin hydrated


You may want to skip on moisturizer as summer approaches as your skin feels dry during the season. But a consistent use of moisturizer will only promote good and healthy skin. Moisturize liberally even if you don’t feel like doing it and you won’t ever lose that beautiful glow. However, if you don’t want to apply moisturizer you can replace it with face serums.

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  1. Exfoliate too get rid of dead skin

Exfloiate your skin

Dead cells on your skin can give the appearance of dull and dry skin. Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to get rid of dead cells and enjoy a healthy glow on your skin. Exfoliating also keeps the skin looking young and healthy by increasing the blood circulation.

  1. Don’t ever say no to sunscreen


Sunscreen is one such product which you must never forget to put on. Do some research and choose a sunscreen according to your skin type and don’t ever leave your house without a layer of sunscreen even if it is cloudy outside. The sun’s rays are very harsh during summer and even on overcast days they can do your skin tremendous damage so it is always good to take precaution and save your skin from the harmful rays.

  1. Drink plenty of water

plenty of water                                                               img-src= thehealthadvise.com

Rising mercury and increased time outside can easily result in dehydration and you might soon start looking tired and lacking energy which will easily reflect on your face. Hence it is highly recommended to keep yourself hydrated so as to appear fresh and energetic irrespective of the rise in mercury. Also, add seasonal fruits, juices and vegetables like melons, oranges, cucumber, coconut water etc. to your diet. Being rich in water they will keep you hydrated and energetic.

  1. Add face masks to your skin care routine


Apply face masks on your face especially during summer is a great way to heal your skin and give them a natural glow. There are different types of face masks according to different requirements. For instance a clay mask is best for absorbing oil and pore clearing whereas a cream masks will give moisturize the skin making it appear soft and supple. Charcoal masks will not only reboot your complexion but will give your skin a natural glow.

  1. Avoid make up meltdown

It is natural to sweat during summers especially when going out in the sun and if you happen to be wearing makeup the sweat and perspiration may cause your makeup slide off your face making you look horrible. In order to avoid such a situation always make sure that you apply a very thin layer of makeup. Also, opt for water based products and use face tissues to absorb the excess moisturizer before heading out in the sun.

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