How to Hairstyle on a Bad Hair Day !

A bad hair day is something all of us have encountered sometimes in our lives. Waking up to a bad hair day can ruin all the enthusiasm and good mood putting a damper on your entire day. Moreover, it further translates into more time in front if the mirror trying desperately to fix it. You might even end up in salon spending all those hard earned money just to get your hair fixed. But guess what? An instant appointment with your hairstylist is not the only way to save your day. Try these amazing hairstyles and stop fretting. These easy to do hairstyles offer a surefire way to put you through a bad hair day.

Stay Sleek

Sleek - Hair

The best way to deal with crazy and chaotic hair is straighten it. Use a lightweight serum to smooth your hair and tie it into a low ponytail for a polished look. This hairstyle is also comes handy on days when you don’t have the time to wash your hair as this look works perfectly well for greasy and oily hair. Just tie them in a ponytail slicking your hair at the back to look neat and elegant.

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On the top

Top - Knot

Dealing with frizzy and unmanageable hair? Try top knot. They are easy to make, less manageable and will keep you looking polished throughout the day.

Twist the knots

Twist knot

Okay, so you wake up one morning and your hair starts acting stubborn and unmanageable. Instead of rushing to salon and getting it fixed try this easy to do hairstyle and rock a bad hair day with much oomph. Twisted knots are sexy and are sure to give you a style update in an instant. Start by pulling your hair strands at the back of your head until all the hair has been pulled back. Secure it with multiple pins to make sure that it stays firm throughout the day making you look pretty.

Struggling Bangs

Trying to grow up your bangs can be a real challenge but don’t bother. Calm your run amok bangs with cute simple braids. Start by braiding your bangs and pin them to your head using bobby pins. If you feel that the rest of your hair also looks unruly, pull them up in low side ponytail and look fabulous.

Braid your ponytails


Yes, braid your ponytails because why not? Keep your pesky strands under control by applying a hair mouse or gel and make it into a tight ponytail and rock the weekends.

Ballerina bun is for everybody

Messy - Bun

Yes, don’t yourself get misled by the name because you don’t really have to be a ballerina to rock this look. In order to get a ballerina bun tie your hair into a high ponytail preferably at the top of your head. Put it through the hair donut and spread the hair over the donut and let it take shape. Use bobby pins to secure loose hair and you are done. Yay!

Go the French way


A French braid is irresistibly sexy. It is also a godsend on bad hair days. Whether you love a side French braid or one at the back this look is sure to help you put through a bad hair day with style and confidence.

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Look cool with bandana

A bandana is a lifesaver especially on a bad hair day. Use it to camouflage your unruly hair and look sexy and confident. Besides, you can have plenty of styles with bandana by tying it in different ways. Go for pretty colours and be the feisty fashionista.

Try side chignon

Whether your hair is feeling greasy or you just want to tame those frizz, a side chignon is something you are going to love on a bad hair day. It is feminine and stylish and goes well with your western as well as ethnic look. Start off by making a side ponytail and wrap it in circular motion towards the right. Use elastic bands and bobby pins to prevent it from falling.

Inverted ponytail is chic


Hiding your unruly and unmanageable hair with a regular ponytail is very common. However if you want to try something different go for inverted ponytails. It is chic and classy and easy to make just like the regular ponytail. Just start by making a traditional ponytail and separate it into two parts creating a small hole at the crown and pull both the parts through it and you are done.

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