How to DIY Cute Headbands at Home

Who does not love a no-fuss hair accessory which is both cute and easy on the pockets? Welcome DIY headbands. Yes, you heard that right. Now you can use your old tees and up cycle them to make cute and fashionable headbands at home. These headbands are super cute and offer the perfect solution to keep your hair in place on hot summer days. Headbands are one of the most practical accessories you can have in your closet. Whether you just want to add some finishing touches to your hairstyle or want to make a statement, these headbands can be used with different outfits. Moreover, they look great on all hair lengths, are super easy on the pockets and require little time and effort. So bring your old t-shirts and lets get started.

Follow these DIY steps to make amazing headbands yourself:

Things you will need:

  • T-shirt (Choose the material, colour and print according to your taste)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Elastic

Step 1:

Once you have selected your t-shirt, lay it flat on the table and cut the bottom hem. After that, cut two strips of equal width across both layers of the t-shirt. Fold them across the length on both sides.

Step 2:

Once you have the strips folded according to your requirement, cross them over one another and form a loop. Now measure the head of the person for whom you are making it and taking a ruler measure the folded strips to make sure that it fits comfortably around the head. Cut the extra fabric if there is any. Now cut a small piece of fabric and wrap it around the ends and sew it such that both the ends are joined to give it proper finishing.

Step 3:

If, however, your t-shirt is not very stretchable you can also add a small piece of elastic at the ends to make sure that it fits properly. Sew the elastic on both the ends to form a circle and voila your headband is ready. Wear it and look wonderful.

You can also experiment with different colours and prints and bring variety to your headband collection. You can also try making braided headbands, knotted headbands, embellished headbands and many more.

This is a great way to use your old t-shirts and use them for some fun accessories. All of us have plenty of tees lying around in our closet which we don’t wear anymore. So instead of just tossing them around we can repurpose them into beautiful headbands with this simple DIY tutorial and spice up your hair game without having to spend a dime.

Keep your hair out of your face during workouts or add a sweet and girly touch to your casual look, these headbands are guaranteed to up your hair game. So what are you waiting for? Let’s try this amazing DIY this weekend and make wonderful headbands.

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