How To Make Yeezy Boots At Home

Apart from everything else, if there is anything worth knowing Kanye West for it is the Yeezy boots. Yeah, the hottest footwear on the planet which every other person is dreaming of owning – Yeezy boots have got the attention they deserved except for the fact that they are not so easy to get our hands on them and the price. Jeez, it came from the Kardashians, what were you expecting anyway? Perhaps it is this difficulty of buying them and owning them that led some of us to try hard and come up with our own version of the famous Yeezy boots read sock in heels. And we have The NuVogue.

With all due respect we are indebted to Shay Cherise for this awesome fashion hack. Yes, Cherise has found a way to DIY the yeezy boots and the great thing about it is that your go-to pumps can be transformed into amazing sock booties and that too at the tiniest fraction of the Yeezy’s price tag. Moreover you can rock these booties even during summers. Wearing Boots in summer is the worst kind of fashion faux pa you can expect from anyone. But if you know how to DIY these yeezy boots you know you can rock one even when it is boiling outside.  So have a look at the steps for DIYing the yeezy boots and create your own amazing versions.

Things You Will Need: Pumps, Socks, Non slip rubber pads, Hot glue gun,Scissors


Grab your heels in any colour you want, nudes will work better just in case you are not very confident about it. Once you have got your pumps it is time to find a cool pair of socks. Socks can be found in a variety of colours and patterns but it is advised to keep them in the same colour family that matches your heel to make sure that it works well and not appear something inappropriate. Also, make sure that they offer a snug fitting. Getting your socks in knit fabric in yeezy inspired colour tones would make it look more real.

Now put on your heels and slide your socks to get a comfortable yet close fitting.

Snip a tiny hole around the heel and repeat the whole process on the other feet and you have your own version of Yeezy boots ready.

However walking in socks might not be very comfortable, it is slippery and can make you slip and fall while walking. We recommend that you add some non slip rubber pads at the toe pads to make sure that you don’t slip over while walking. You can also use texture paper in place of non-slip rubber pads if you are not able to find them. Now that your version of DIY yeezy boots are ready it’s time to put your best foot forward.

That’s not all. You can further add decoration to your sock heels to get a different feel altogether. Add pins and patches to add a cool vibe to these booties and wear them with panache.

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