Treat your luscious locks with these 7 cool hairstyles

The easiest way to change your look is by changing your hairstyle. Just by switching your part, having it coloured or getting an altogether new hair cut will give you a whole new and fresh look. However thinking about changing your hair and actually doing it are entirely different things. For many of us the thought of making a major hair change can be scary and we need some serious motivation to finally let go of our beautiful and healthy mane. Hence we have cherry picked some of the hottest hair style for girls. These styles have been a major at the start the year 2016 and are still going great. They are so gorgeous that you will not be able to resist it. Have a look here and say hello to the new you:

The Bob Hair Style


The Bob hair seems to be going big at the moment. Referred to as the “IT Girl” cuts, the cheekbone length crop is a favourite among hair stylists. The amazing thing about this style is that it can be worn on so many textures and face cuts. However if you are not yet ready for the big chop keep it a little below the chin and you give yourself a breath of fresh air with this new hair style for women. The bob cut looks trendy and edgy and instantly give you a different look and feel. Also, if you want something daring and bold opt for a short blunt bob with a blunt fringe. Since it is going to take a long time to grow it is important to discuss it with your stylist to make sure that it works for your face and personality and enjoy it to the fullest till the time you decide to change it again.

Keep it long

Long hair styles

Okay, so you are not very fond of the scissors. No worries. We are not even asking you to chop away your luscious locks. Whereas bob and short hair are a big hit among the fashionistas, long and textured hair are equally trendy and stylish. Hence, those of you who are not willing to part ways with their long and beautiful mane, try getting some texture enhancing layers. The layers will offer a sense of volume and movement in the hair offering you a new look without cutting your hair short. This style is very versatile and you can wear it in different ways. Also, those of you who are looking to grow your hair out, go for long and dishevelled hair.

Natural Wavy and textured hair

Wavy hair styleNo trend can beat the beauty of a natural look. 2016 is all about natural hued hair. You might feel surprised to find out that all those bold, bright and unusual hair colours have become a thing of the past bringing the natural hued hair in trend once again. Hence, colours such as hot pink, blue and green will be replaced by natural looking hair colour. Also, tousled and unkempt look will be preferred over the sleek and polished look.

Knot it up

knot it up

The pony tail has been replaced by stylish knots. Chic and stylish, the knot is easy and versatile and works perfectly with different looks be it messy buns, sleek and sexy chignons, ponytail buns, sleek low buns, fun and sexy double buns and top knots etc. This style is not only feminine and elegant but gives a feeling of ease and style. Keep them at the neck level for a chic and modern look.

Accessorize it up

accessories your hair

2016 fall hair trends are all about accessorizing your hair, ladies! So why not do it with aplomb. There is a whole range of hair accessories to decorate your hair with including tiaras, headbands, jewelled bobby pins, head chains, bun accessories and hair clips. Opt for colourful, gold hued and bold pieces. Wear them in different areas and add a touch of bling to your luscious mane.

The side part


Not in the mood to go for a chop or get your dyed? Well, there is an alternative to change your look without going for some major style change. Just part it anew. The side part is doing big rounds this season. A painless and subtle way, this is one of the easiest way to change your look. A short and precise side part reflects a modern look as well as a strong personality.



Those having blessed with natural curves, rejoice! This style is going high in 2016. Whether you go for effortless curls for a natural look or high volume curls for a sultry feel or keep it cool with the beach waves, a good mysterious girl sweep is all you need this season to impress people with your hair. Grab a good curling iron and give your hair and easy makeover.

So, which hairstyle do you prefer for your looks ?

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