How To Upgrade Your Style With Sustainable Fashion

The world of fashion is indeed a glamorous one but there is also an insidious side to it. Apart from the unethical labor practices and workers exploitation the fashion industry wreaks havoc on the environment. The clothing industry is one of the major sources of pollution in the world. Hence it is very important to change your shopping habits as well as the way you have always perceived fashion and perhaps that is why there seems to be a lot of buzz over green and sustainable shopping these days.

The fashionistas are opting to buy environmentally safe clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics that will help protect the environment without having to compromise on comfort and style. The men should also come forward and be a part of the sustainable fashion movement to make sure that their fashion choices don’t harm the environment as they use the garb of fashion to negotiate their identity in world.

There has been a sizeable shift in people who make their wardrobe choices considering its impact on environment. If you want to be one of the ethical guys, you can opt for various other means to be a part of the ongoing fashion movement apart from looking for brands that sell ethical clothing. Have a look at some of the following ways and shop the ethical way.

  1. Know Your Fabric

If you are new to sustainable shopping the first thing is to pay attention to the fabrics. Some of the natural eco friendly fabrics available on the market are organic cotton, silk, hemp and bamboo etc. Take into account the latest trends and your style preference and start an ethical men’s wardrobe. Moreover vegan clothing are as much a fad as your favourite distressed jeans.

  1. Change Your Shopping Outlet

The next step towards sustainable and ethical shopping is taking into account your shopping destination. Most of the guys would prefer hitting the shopping mall to buy even a basic t-shirt. However, rather than rushing to the shopping centre, just sit back and explore online shopping to get everything delivered at your doorstep without having to leave your home. This option is not only environment friendly but will also eliminate you from the need to take out special time for shopping. You can further search for brands that offer ethical clothing for men online.

  1. Discard Responsibly

It is a common practice to discard clothes which are not in use anymore. Sometimes they don’t fit, other times they are not in trend. Chances are also that we don’t like the clothes anymore or have recently bought a similar one. Updating your wardrobe with the must have pieces is recommended but be careful so as not to throw away pieces which can still be  put to use. However if you really don’t want to wear them you can try selling them online and earn some easy cash in return and saving it from being wasted in the process. You can also denote the clothes to be used by the poor and the needy.

  1. Say Yes To Second Hand Clothing

Shopping with a social and environmental consciousness is a relatively new concept especially among men who don’t care much about the ways of shopping. People are sure going to take some time to take account of ethical shopping. However, taking the green option especially when you are updating your closet is very important step in defining yourself as a human being who cares for the environment. At the same instance some may argue how can shopping be purposeful unless being fashionable and stocking up on the latest pieces is not the only option for you. But such a stance is not true at all. Second hand shopping brings about a whole range of stylish options to choose from. You can get your on some o the most stylish pieces with second hand shopping and look stylish. That’s not all. This will benefit both the environment as well as your pocket.

  1. Go Minimal

Other great way to show that you care for the environment is to minimal. Opt for eco-friendly fabrics with low waste patterning so that you retain your discerning style without looking ostentatious. Shop only recycled material sticking to simple and season less design and show that you care for the earth.

  1. Own Only What You Really Need

Having an overflowing wardrobe is a dream of many of us but the reality is that most of the things in our wardrobe are rarely worn. Hence, keeping this in mind while shopping and buying only what you really need is another great step towards ethical shopping.

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