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Add Stylish Camisoles To Your Wardrobe

Camisoles also known as cami is an essential part of all wardrobe. Often considered a basic piece for layering purposes they can also be worn as tops. Tuck them into jeans or skirt and look fabulous. Wear them under sweaters, sweatshirts, sheer clothes etc. for added coverage and snug feeling. Find a range of stylish women camisoles in a number of colours and fabric with Etashee and upgrade your wardrobe with some of the trendy pieces. Black and beige camisoles are considered most versatile among others as they can be easily layered under almost everything. That’s not all. You can also wear them under kurtas or kurtis with light fabric. Many women feel uncomfortable in white clothes and layer a camisole under it for more coverage.

Buy Women Camisoles Online

Just few years back camisoles were only thought of as a layering piece however recently camisoles for women have become an essential wardrobe for a stylish look. Add a satin spaghetti camisole to your wardrobe and wear it as a top teamed with a women skirt or jeans. Browse the exclusive range of shape wear camisoles and add them to your work wardrobe for a slim and elegant look. You can also opt for a cami with a built in bra for a more flattering silhouette. Browse different fabrics such as cotton, silk, satin and lace etc. Pick one with adjustable strap so that it can fit your curves in a flattering way. Layer a silk cami under a blazer to add a touch of feminine charm to your office look. Wear a lace trimmed camisole with a wide legged trouser to amp up your casual look or opt for an embellished camisole with floral embroidery and wear it with boyfriend jeans for a modern and stylish look.

Choose The Right Camisoles For Layering

Choosing the right camisole is very important for a stylish look. Browse women camisoles online to find different colours, size and fabrics etc. Apart from buying the right size and fabric, there are certain things you should take care of before you start layering with camisoles. If you are planning to wear one under a sheer top, pay some attention to the form and design of the top and choose a colour that goes with it. If you are wearing a plain sheer top go for a cami with lace details to add a touch of feminine charm to your look. However if the top has lots of details stick to a simple cami for a neat and elegant look. Similarly when you are wearing them under dresses choose a cami in shorter length for a neat appearance. Also, pay attention to necklines and choose for a simple without lace or embellishments. If you are wearing a body con dress or even slightly form fitting one opt for a shape wear cami for a slimmer and chic look. Etashee is the best place for shopping camisoles for ladies online. Choose from a huge range of colourful and stylish camisoles and make sure that there are enough in your wardrobe to help you stay stylish.

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