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Revamp your Wardrobe Game with Statement Neck Jewellery Online

Wearing a jewellery is an easy way to take your simple look to another level. It not only puts more life into your outfit but also makes it more attractive. The great thing about statement pieces are that they are easy to put on; they don’t require a range of rules and instruction. All you need to do is to use your instinct and change the look of your outfit into something chic with just one piece of jewellery. However, the key is to keep it simple and style your outfit around one eye catching statement piece or go for streamlined pieces in order to take your style to the nines.

Statement jewelleries can be found in a wide array of colour, shapes and sizes. Statement jewelleries include finger rings, bangles, earrings and necklaces etc. but it seems that trendy neck jewelleries happen to be one of the most favourite pieces of jewellery modern women like to wear. You can always find a fresh and youthful collection of neck jewellery online and spice up your style game without much effort. Hence, choosing the right neck piece is very important as it can either spoil your look or take it to a completely different level.

Neck jewellery : here is your step to step guide on choosing the right neckpiece:

Experiment with Different Styles: Want to take your wardrobe to another level but not sure how to tap into the oomph factor? It’s time to invest in some stylish neck pieces. Go for different styles such as bold multicolored pieces to funky neon chains, from beads necklaces to gold ones etc.

Keep it simple: Recently neck jewellery for women has become very important in order to add a finishing touch to your outfit. However wearing a bold piece with shiny or shimmery dresses will result in a cluttered look and a fashion faux pas. If you are wearing a shimmery dress or the one with beads or sequence try avoiding bold neck jewelleries and instead go for simple ones. Bold and bright jewelleries look good with simple dresses.

Pay Attention to Your Neckline :It is very important to pay attention to your neckline if you want to make your statement necklace stand out while at the same instance draw attention to your slim and slender neck area. Apart from this, the length and the shape of the neck jewellery are also very important to pay attention to. Wearing trendy neck jewellery is one of the best ways to take your otherwise boring outfit to another level. Buy neck jewellery India and choose from a large array of styles to top off your look.

Pairing it Wisely : Layering is great with neck jewelleries if you want to have a fun and unconventional look to yourself. However, if you are wearing a bold piece, try to stick to a single piece instead of two or more or else it will result in a cluttered look. Let your neck-piece do all the magic by keeping it simple and elegant.

Colour co-ordination : It is very important to choose the colour of your neck jewellery wisely so that it merges with your skin tone as well as the dress you are wearing and doesn’t look odd. In order to get maximum effect from your Necklace Set try to keep everything in the same colour family. You can experiment with different or contrasting colours but try to keep the base colour same.

Also, if you are wearing more than one statement jewelleries try to keep everything within the same colour family in order to avoid looking dowdy and old fashioned. For instance if you are wearing a statement neck jewellery, finger ring and earrings etc. try to keep everything in the same colour family for a stylish look.

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