Things You Can Do With Instagram: ‘Browse, Share & Shop’

that they take away the serendipity of shopping but now we just cannot imagine your life without some good deal of virtual shopping. Well, joining the existing list of your favourite online shopping places and adding to your happiness is Instagram. The image based app introduced the shopping initiative in November 2016 and has been improving on it since then. So yes now it is possible for you to be able to shop products directly from your instagram feeds.

The Facebook owned app is going to completely change the way you discover new products and brands. Unlike earlier where Instagrammers had to tag their posts with designer’s accounts or link it to blog posts and use hashtags etc., users can now directly shop stuffs from Instagram posts. The app is no longer limited to being just a place for browsing and discovering trends, style and ideas but is here for actual shopping.

Working with an aim to reduce the gap between the moments of discovery and making it yours, Instagram has become the latest buzzword among fashion savvy generation who not only use it for fashion inspiration but also for buying the latest fashion staples.

The shopping functionality on Instagram is still in its nascent phase. So if you have found something you want to buy you will be taken to the website to complete the purchase.

Things you should keep in mind:

  1. Shoppable posts will appear similar to that of normal instagram posts with little note in the bottom.
  2. Once you tap on the image, you will be able to see the name and price of the products. And if you tap on a specific item you will be taken to the product page. But if you click on the “Shop Now” button you will be directed to the brand’s website where you will be able to browse their inventory.
  3. As of now you will not be able to make the purchase on the app itself. A ‘tap to view’ icon will appear on the lower corner of the photos. Clicking on it will provide you all the necessary information such as the name and product of the product. Tapping again will give you more information about the product inside of Instagram. But when it comes to completing the purchase you will be sent to the retailer’s website.
  4. Brands can tag up to 5 products in a single photo and you can click on any specific one of them according to your liking and preference. The photo app has partnered with 20 brands.


Since Instagram uses hashtags to organize content. You can search specific products with the help of right hashtags. Some of the popular hashtags are #Shopmycloset #IGshopping and #IGshop etc

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