5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

All of us want to look our stylish best. We do everything to make sure that our fashion is on point and our clothes decent enough to at least appear as elegantly dressed individual if not earn the title of being a fashionista. We never shy away from learning new tips and tricks so as to become more fashion savvy and look chicer and yet every now and then there happens a fashion mistake that takes away all our confidence. Although we swear to not repeat these mistakes again some of them seem to have become habits and we go on repeating them without even realizing them.

Hence, it becomes all the more important to know and avoid them. With proper care we can always make sure that we don’t repeat these fashion mistakes and always look our stylish best. Check out our list of common fashion mistakes so as not to repeat them and look chic and fashionable always.

  1. Showing More Than Enough Skin

We all agree that skin is skin. In fact showing a sliver of skin sexy at times but you should always pay attention to make sure that you aren’t baring too much skin just for the sake of appearing modern because it surely is not going to make you look attractive or chic.

  1. Wearing ill Fitted Clothes

We often end up buying wrong fitting clothes because of various reasons such as the non-availability of right size, liking them too much or thinking about a future possibility when we can actually fit into them which most of the time didn’t happen. However, wearing clothes that don’t fit properly can result in an unfashionable and slouchy appearance. Hence, it is always advised to wear clothes according to your size and fitting so as to appear elegant and put together.

  1. Keep your Bling in Check

Accessories are great for giving a finishing touch to your outfit but you should always make sure that it is in proportion to your look. Do not wear too many accessories as it will take the focus away from your clothes and make you look unfashionable.

  1. Not Wearing Properly Ironed Clothes

Fashion and clothes are medium to express ourselves and even if we think of ourselves as a fashionable person it is easy to make a fashion faux pas every now and then without even realizing it. For instance many a times we end up wearing clothes that are wrinkled and not properly ironed. This may not appear as something serious but obviously affects your appearance. So always make sure that your clothes are properly washed, free from stains and ironed to present a chic and polished appearance.

  1. Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Shoes happen to be an important part of your overall appearance. Hence, it is important to pay attention to them so as to make sure that they go with your look and are comfortable to wear. Also, it’s not necessary to match your shoes and bag to look stylish. In fact you should choose a different coloured shoes and bag to present a chic and fashionable look and avoid looking too matchy matchy. At the same instance, if you are opting for heels always make sure that it is neither too high nor too low and offers just the right amount of height for a chic look.