15 Mesmerising hairstyles for long hair

We all dream of having long flowy tresses, but only a few lucky ones get the privilege to flaunt them. But, being blessed with long hair is just the beginning. Easier said than done, one of hardest things to do is maintain the texture of long hair, followed by accurate styling. So, if you’re a lucky lady with long locks, you might just want to know how to beautifully style them as well. If you have long hair extensions,you can also enjoy this article.

So, today, we will cruise you through 15 bewitching hairstyles from easy to boho and trendy. Brace and plunge down our list to find out the best ones of all.

  • Pin straight hairstyle

Leave behind the horrors of spending hours trying to find an easy, yet trendy hairstyle to manage your long locks with our first winning look, pin straight hairstyle. We’ve got this one straight from the retro look that’s still, very much, in trend. It works more majestically with bangs.

Simply wet your hair and apply a moisturizing hair cream. Once it settles down, use a hair mist to help lock the moisture. Use a flattening iron and slip it all the way down to hair tips. This one’s rather the cutest of most hairstyles to flaunt.

  • Triple Braided French braid

Wandering in the hunt of a cute cum classy hairstyle that can make your hair more than just manageable? Well let your search end with this cute and classy summer-spring hairstyle that you can flaunt on a special date. It creates an impactful mermaid like look that’s quite trendy.

Wash your hair and let them dry. Massage a smoothing gel starting midway till the tips. Make multiple thin braids, simultaneously leave three big chunks of hair. Once you drape the smaller braids to one, use the three big chunks and bind all four, criss-crossed, together.

  • Half up buns

Hairstyles couldn’t get more versatile than buns. Half bun up is quite a thing in itself- it works best as a street smart style, boho style, road trip style, date style and anything else you can possibly think of.

Simply gather half your half in your palms. Twist them into a bun and secure the bun with pins just over the crown of your head. Pull some strands loose for final touch-up.

  • Dutch braid ponytail

This ‘oh-so-sexy’ hairstyle is a kiss of fate for women with  thick and long hair. If you just don’t know what to do with your hair, then braiding is the thing for you. It is one of the most innovative ways to make simple ponytails sassy.

Dutch braid ponytails look cut edge classy. Simply braid your hair underneath the middle strand and not over it. That’s what dutch braiding is all about. Once done, tightly tie your hair. Loosen the strands to add more volume. Messier the braid, classier the look.

  • Spiral curls

Trendy and easy, this splendid hairstyle needs minimal efforts. Simply usher all your hair to one side. Use a curling iron to make broad locks, starting midway. Leave the upper half loose to create more bounce. Its infectious charm is sure set to bring a lot of appreciating eyes to your view. Flaunt it in parties and other social gathering.

  • Braided buns

Quite in trend, braided buns look more than just sophisticated. Simply braid the hair on the head front. Once done, gather all your hair, including the braids in your palms and twist them together. Loosen few strands from the bun to add a hint of final femininity.

  • Double buns

This super cute hairstyle is back from the 90’s. Double buns or space buns give you multiple options to style right. Section your hair into two halves. Gather each half to make a ponytail. Twist each ponytail separately to make buns, and secure both the buns with pins. The classiest of all tricks with this one is, you can French braid each ponytail and then twist it to make space buns, while letting the rest of your hair flowing down to their length.

  • Side ponytail

Peppy and easy- this winsome hairstyle is just what you need when you run short of ideas and time. Simply take all your hair to one side and secure them with a rubber band. You can take styling a notch higher by using hair decorative headbands.

  • Inward twisted bangs

Very much in trend, there can’t be anything cuter than bangs when it comes to easy styling. Make a center partition, and simply brush the bangs inwards on both sides. You may also brush them all to one side.

  • Bed Head curls

Bed head curls aren’t a thing of past, only if you know how to style them right. Don’t use rollers to create scattered thick locks. Use a finger comb to create an organized messy look. Remember to use a hair texturing milk smoothener so that your cute wavelets get a chance to stick in place.

  • Side braids

Classy and chic, this hot hairstyle is all versatile and goes well with all dresses and occasions. Twist a section of lower hair to make a braid on both sides. Tuck them both behind, under or over your hair, per your likes. You may leave them loosely hanging too.

  • Fishtail ponytail

Steal the party thunder with this seductive chic hairstyle that looks regal and mesmerizing. Braid your hair, throw them to one side, and instead of using a rubber band, twist your hair to make a loose knot at the end, creating a pseudo fishtail look.

  • Floral updo

Grab all eyeballs with this dreamy hairstyle that comes straight out of the fairytale world. The blend of floral embellishments and dreamy curls is a pure bliss. Be it some special wedding or a prom date night, floral updo hairstyle is a winning option.

  • Wrapped ponytail

A tidy center bumpet secured in place with a high ponytail, wrapped at the edges with large and wide hair flanks. Sounds sexy? Well, sure it is. This is one jaw droppingly sexy hairstyle that is trendy enough to pull along all formal and informal occasions.

  • Loose half French braid

Instead of beading your hair in a tight and neat French braid, let the locks hang loosely to create a faux French braid look. Pull out some random hair strands from the side front to add more excitement and class to this breathtakingly gorgeous french braid pseudo replica.

Now we leave you with these 15 fresh hairstyling ideas that can let you flaunt your long hair gracefully.