5 wedding looks for stylish men

Now that the wedding season is upon us there is a constant worry gnawing at us; what to wear for a dashing appearance?

Yes, men often get confused on the dress code when it comes to attending a wedding. The thing is that there is not much difference between being overdressed and looking frumpy and out of style. That is why striking the right balance is very important. So if you happen to be a male who has a wedding to attend but is not sure what to wear, we have presented some ideas to help you get the desired result while looking both chic and fashionable. Come; follow these rules to look on point

  1. Black Suit for a Classic Touch

If you want to have a sophisticated look but still stay at ease, you simply cannot go wrong in a black suit. Wear it with a solid coloured shirt. You can also opt to add a tie or a formal scarf to take your look to the next level.


  1. Waistcoat to Keep Things Casual

If you want to get dressed up but still don’t want to give the impression that you tried too hard, mixing your formal with casual comes as a wonderful idea. Go for a stylish shirt and trouser combination and team it with a chic and trendy waistcoat and look your amazing best.


      3. Bandhgala for a Royal Feel

Dress grand but make sure that you don’t appear gaudy. A bandhgala is not only classy but also in tune with Indian traditions and is also approved from fashion designers as well as stylish men. A blend of formal and traditional this look is sure going to get you all the attention.


    4. Keep Things Simple with a Kurta Pyjama

If you love keeping things simple yet maintain your charm opt for a designer kurta pyjama. Team it with stylish jutis to get a bit of a royal touch. You can further add a waistcoat to take your look to the next level. Also, you kurta doesn’t necessarily have to be cream or white. You are very much free to experiment with different colours and style


    5. Indo-Western Look for a Twist

If you are torn between the formal and traditional look, we suggest you to combine them both to get an indo-western look. Wear your sherwani with well tailored formal trousers and present an amazing look. This look is both simple and stylish without getting you look overdressed.


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