Preowned clothes, you mean clothes not from the store, but something that someone bought, sometime back, really?
Yes, really!
We Indians may flinch at the very mention of buying preowned clothes, but time to change the mindsethon! With the changing times, change societal values and lifestyles.
How many designer pieces do you have in your wardrobe, that you bought for a fortune, but can never wear it again, coz hey, who repeats party clothes! But, imagine, what you can do with all that value stacked(and never used) in one nook of your closet!
So here we are enlightening you on why buying preowned clothes is the coolest thing to do!

1. When everyone is busy chasing the ongoing trends mindlessly, you are here carving your own niche by standing out in the crowd.
p.s.- don’t forget that out of the preowned garments, you must pick something, that suits your body type and personality!


2. It’s easy on the pocket!
And who doesn’t want to save a little dough for, you know, one of those partying nights!

how_to_save_money_on_makeup3. You are helping the environment without trying too hard!!!!!

A little good work in a lifetime goes a long way with your Karma.

screen-shot-2013-11-06-at-11-58-40-am4. By breaking societal stigmas and norms, you are helping yourself explore your psyche and widen your horizons.

From another one in the herd you become the one with conviction.

shutterstock_1243365765. By buying preowned clothes, you are able to lay your hands on brands you could only dream of.

Making dreams come true, yeah? Who knows, you may also get some pieces which your favourite celeb has sported!

tumblr_mdkav7kggf1qcb5emo1_1280_large6. You will be spoilt for choice when you buy preowned clothes.

Forget this year’s collection; we have for you last many years’ collection to choose from. And as they say, fashion history repeats itself.  So what was in few years back may in be in now as well!

If you have got any ideas to add on to this, write to us at care@etashee.com

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Love, Team Etashee

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