Prints Glossary- Types of Prints you Can Know

There are numerous prints and numerous patterns which are trending nowadays.  Whatever clothes we wear is full of attractive prints. But identifying which print is featured on your garment is a complicated task. But don’t you need to worry; we have prepared a glossary of prints which will guide you in this.

Floral Print

Floral Print

One of the most common and trending print! It has the print of variety of flowers either in small, huge size or bunch of flowers, combination of leaves and other adding.

Animal Print

Animal Print

In this type of print, the importance is given only to the skin texture of the animals and their foot prints such as leopard, Zebra, Tiger, Deer, and Snake etc.

Stripes Print

Stripe Print

One would have been different types on the garments but would not have observed its print. There can be different types of stripes for eg. – Diagonal, horizontal, vertical, curved, lamp post stripes etc.

Geometric Print


In this type of print, mathematical signs such as, plus, minus, division, multiplication etc are shown. Also, there is printing of all the geometrical instrument designs like triangle, rectangle etc, irrespective of colours.

Baroque Print

Baroque Print

Baroque simply means something that is elaborate or over the top. In fashion, it has come to refer prints similar to the ones above that are reminiscent of the 17th to 18th centuries which were considered the Baroque Era in music and art.

Paisley Print

Paisley Print

Paisley is a droplet-shaped vegetable motif. This print is very trending nowadays. Whether it is western wear or ethnic wear, this print can be seen in variable size or with combination of flowers.

Abstract Print

Abstract Print

This print is made using the different shapes with matching colour scheme. The shapes may be irregular or there is possibility of combination if different shapes.

Graphic Print

Graphic Print Fabric

The design of this print is taken from computer graphic designs and videogames. There can be different irregular shapes used with no restriction of colours.

Checkered Print

Checked Print Fabric

Checks are the prints which are got by interesting horizontal and vertical lines at ninety degree angles. They can be huge as well as small in size.

Polka Dots Print

Polka Dot Dress

The dots are the spots either designed or plain and come in all colours of choice. Big dots, small dots or polka dots, they can be in these sizes.

Zigzag Print

Zigzag Print Dresses

A zigzag is a pattern made up of small corners at variable angles, though constant within the zigzag, tracing a path between two parallel lines; it can be described as both jagged and fairly regular.

Heart Print

Heart Print Fabric

This print includes prints of hearts in small sizes or large sizes. It may be in bunch or a possibility of single heart.

Character Print

Character Print Dress

It includes the designs which may emphasize diverse cartoon characters, fruits, ice creams, chocolates, lollipops etc.


Leaf print

This print includes the printing of leaves in different colours. It may be in combination of other adding or solely a leaf.

Tribal Print

Traditional print

Tribal print depicts material culture of indigenous peoples. It is often ceremonial or religious in nature. Typically originating in rural areas, tribal print refers to the subject and craftsmanship of artefacts from tribal cultures.

Star Print

Star Print

One of the most common and trending print, these days. It has the print of variety of stars either in bunch or single spotted huge or small.

Traditional Print

Traditional Print

In this type of print, traditional art work or classical prints are shown such as elephants with chariots, old musical instruments. This print also includes Rajasthan art work, batik, tie and die with different adding etc

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