Say goodbye to skin troubles in Summers

Dry and patchy skin as well as sudden outbreaks of pimples are quite common during summers. This season, make most out of the sun by keeping skin troubles at the bay. This blog will let you know the ways to regain your skin’s glow.

Skin infections are quite common during the summer months. The ultraviolet rays coming from the sun causes the epidermal layer to become dull lacks lustre and increases blemishes. The heat and harsh rays of the sun play the spoil sport in making the skin dry, rough and patchy. Moving out in the sun becomes a nightmare as the fear of getting discoloured skin tone, rashes, prickly heat and wrinkles surround us.

People who have an oily skin also dislike this season because the outbreak of pimples and acne reaches its peak. But why stay indoors during summer months when you can easily get back a naturally glowing skin tossing off the skin troubles in a carefree manner. Here’s how to let your skin breathe and become a flawless beauty.

Pick the Right Moisturiser

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It is very essential to keep your skin moisturised during summers as you so during the cold weather. Dry skin needs an oil-based moisturiser to remove flaky skin .People with oily skin also need equal care during the sweltering days. A gel-based moisturiser is the perfect solution to keep the skin free from acne.

Hydrate Naturally

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We all know that water is very essential for our body. However, it is great to restore glow on the skin so one must not avoid drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. Skin troubles- oiliness as well as dryness—arise when are body fails to get enough water. Even while sitting in the air conditioned environment, our body needs water. It not only keeps you fresh but also drains out the toxins from your body. If you are a caffeine lover, avoid drinking tea and coffee. Resort to coconut water, lemonade and fresh fruit juice. Make sure you carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated.

Shield the Skin                                                                          Img source: bisybride

Do not visit market places to buy facial masks. Use granny’s technique to shoo off your skin troubles. Cucumbers works wonder to for treading sun burns. Its cooling effect provides a refreshing touch to the skin and heals the burning sensation. You can also apply oatmeal, honey and yogurt mask if you experience acne break outs during summers. Beside this, aloe vera has all the qualities to get rid of pimples. People with dry skin should resort to avocado, and honey mask for soft skin. Papaya makes and aloe vera gel extracted from its plant is a must try remedy for glowing skin.

Fight the tan


Through tanned skin looks really appealing but not in the peak summers when the sun ray tarnish the skin colour permanently. The bright hot sun, dirt and sweat play havoc with your skin. Sunscreen, umbrellas or caps are not enough to protect you from the scorching sun. Tanning is the first sign of sun damage. Always use a sunscreen lotion with SPF30 and the one that has UVA and UVB products. Apply it 30 minute before you are leaving you go out. Sunscreen doesn’t last forever so reapply it after every two hours.

Keep off makeup                                                            Img source: styleprespo

Summers are not the months to apply makeup on your skin. In fact, during this time of the year your skin should be able to breathe due to excessive sweating. Go minimalistic with the makeup. So sticking to a natural look is always advised. Do not apply layers of foundation, concealer and other products while stepping out in the sun. If you think you just can’t resist your vanity bag, use a moisturiser with a water base, SPF 30rich sunscreen lotion and lip balm that has the quality to protect dry lips.

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