Yes, it is possible to get a glowing skin in winter

All of us want to look pretty and we try our best to achieve a glowing skin. We apply plenty of creams and makeup in order to achieve the perfect result. However, most of the time these creams do us more harm than benefit and take away from us any chance of having a healthy and firm skin. Things become worse in winters. The weather brings in lots of dryness which leaves us with a dull and lifeless skin. Hence, it becomes very important to take care of your skin especially in winters. Add these following tips to your face care routine and get a naturally healthy and glowing skin.

  1. Use lukewarm Water to Wash your face

wash your face with warm water

Most of us love long hot shower in winters. It might feel good but hot water baths can strip our skin of all the useful oils making it dry and listless. Therefore whenever possible try to use lukewarm water to wash your hands and face

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  1. Don’t forget to Moisturizemoisturizer

Moisturizing helps in keeping your skin soft and supple and in cold weather your face needs extra moisture. Apply moisturizing lotion immediately after washing your face so as to seal the dampness into the skin and maintain its softness.

  1. Drink Adequate Water

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As the cold season starts we tend to decrease our water intake and this can adversely affect our skin snatching the glow from it. If you want to have a radiating skin you should drink adequate water to provide your skin some hydration from inside. You can also try adding few drops of lemon in water before drinking. It will keep you refreshed and hydrated. Also, eating foods high in water content is a great way to make up for the decreased water intake. It will also offer you the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy skin.

  1. Sunscreen

moisturize your skin

Sunscreen might not be the most amazing thing which has happened to the humankind but its benefits are immense and you simply cannot avoid using one just because it is winter and the sun is hiding under fog. Even if we cannot see the sun, try not to skip sunscreen and keep your skin protected. Also, try to make cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing to your skin care regiment for a youthful and healthy skin.

Cut down on Chemicals

Applying too much makeup or too many creams can really make your skin dull because of the harmful chemicals. If you want to have a naturally healthy skin, try to cut down on chemicals. Instead, use natural ingredients as they are highly effective for a soft and supple skin especially in the winter season.

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Not only this, they are easily available and can also help you save your hard earned money on those useless creams with no results. For instance a banana or butter milk face pack will make your skin soft and moisturized.

So,  Just follow these tips to keep your skin glowing in winters

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