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  • 1. Gift Cards can only be redeemed online on Etashee Mobile App and website for the purchase of eligible goods and services provided by Etashee and its affiliated websites.
  • 2. Gift Cards can be purchased on as well as Etashee Mobile App using Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.
  • 3. There are two ways for redeeming Etashee Gift Cards If you want to use your Gift Card for a future purchase
    • a. Login and go to mange gift card section in your account
    • b. Enter the claim code in the box provided and click add to account
    • c. The Gift Card amount will be added to your Cashee points and can be used anytime at the time of checkout If you want to your Gift Card for an instant purchase
    • a. Select the items you want to purchase
    • b. Once you are ready to checkout, enter the N digit claim code in the box provided and click on apply
    • c. If your Gift Card doesn’t cover your total order cost, you will be directed to additional payment option
    • d. Make the remaining payment using eligible payment modes applicable on your order
    • e. If your Gift Card has remaining balance after purchase, you can add it to your Cashee points and use to for shopping later
  • 4. Multiple Gift Cards can be redeemed for a single order. In order to redeem more than one Etashee Gift Cards for a single order, add them to Etashee cashee points
  • 5. There isn’t any fee or charges attached with Gift Cards
  • 6. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards on Etashee. Also, orders placed using Gift Card(s) cannot be cancelled later.
  • 7. If the order value is more than the Gift Card amount, the remaining balance must be paid using Credit Card/Debit Card or Internet Banking. Cash on Delivery is not available to pay the remaining balance.
  • 8. If the order value is less than the Gift Card amount, the balance will reflect under the gift card and can be used to make fresh purchase
  • 9. The validity of the Etashee Gift Cards is 12 months from the date of issue. Any unused balance will be lost and cannot be claimed back.
  • 10. The validity of Gift Cards cannot be extended. You cannot redeem Etashee Gift Cards for Cash or Credit.
  • 11. The sole responsibility for the protection of Gift Cards lies with the purchasers. Etashee will not be responsible for the loss or misplacement of Gift Cards. No cash or compensation will be paid on the loss of Etashee Gift Cards.
  • 12. Etashee reserves the right to cancel or void Gift Cards and close customers’ account and bill alternative forms of payment for any unlawful activity or purchase made violating the terms and conditions of Etashee.

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