Direct Selling

What is direct selling?

Direct selling at Etashee is similar to person to person selling. However, this is different from door to door selling and is mainly done online. With Direct Selling you can sell your products (which mainly includes pre-owned clothes and fashion accessories) one on one from the comfort of your home. It offers a convenient way to clear out your closet of all the unnecessary clutter. Besides, it also offers a convenient way for customers to purchase products at a much lower price than the original price.

Steps of Direct Selling

Eatshee Direct Selling involves different stages before you can actually make a sale. The first and the foremost step involve creating an account with Etashee.

  • After you have verified the registered email address, you will be directed to the selling form.
  • Decide on the products you want to sell and go through the guidelines of what can be sold on Etashee to avoid rejection.
  • Choose wisely from the categories listed in the drop down menu to access the main form.
  • You can also edit the categories of the products you want to sell before submitting the form.
  • After you have mentioned the category, you can access the complete form.
  • Make your title and description crisp and attractive for your customers. Specify your reason for selling.
  • Please specify if it has the retail tag attached or does it have sign of wear.
  • Mention the brand, size and colour of the product.
  • Add pictures of your product. It should be well lit and able to represent your product in the best way possible. It is advised to click the picture on you or a mannequin against a plain background preferably white in order to get more response.
  • Choose a convenient shipping method. You can either opt for self shipping or avail Etashee services to avoid shipping hassles. Etashee charges Rs 100 added to the selling price for a minimum weight of 0.5 kg. An additional charge of Rs. 50 will be added for each 500 gram exceeding.
  • Mention the original as well as the selling price of the product you want to sell. A price suggestion will be generated based on the condition of the product provided. You can however change the price by writing in the box provided.
  • Fill more information such as fabric, sleeves etc about your products for a better selling chance.
  • Click on agree to terms and conditions. Make sure that you have checked the terms and conditions before submitting.

Your listed product will be live on Etashee for one month from the date of getting live. It will be removed in case of getting expired or sold whichever is earlier. However, you can renew your listing before it expires through your account at Etashee.Even if you forget to renew the listing you can always make a fresh one.

Once you submit the form you will be notified about the submission through an email. The listed product will be checked by Etashee team before it is being made live and again you will receive a mail with a link of the live product.

Now your product can be viewed or bought by Etashee’s wide marketplace buyers. If your product receives a buyer you will be asked to confirm its availability with you. Post that the order is confirmed to the buyer.

Based upon shipping method opted by you at the time of listing the product, you will be directed through either of the two mentioned processes.

  • 1)  Etashee shipping- An invoice, shipping label and manifest along with a clickable link will be sent to you on your email. Take a printout of all three documents. Place the invoice inside the packet while the shipping label has to be pasted over the packet. Once the shipment is ready click over the link in the mail to choose a suitable date and time for pick up. Hand over the package to the delivery boy when he comes for pickup and don’t forget to get the manifest signed by him as security.
  • 2)  Self Shipping- An invoice will be sent to you on mail along with a clickable link. Place the printout of the invoice inside the packet and update the shipping agency name and AWB number by clicking over the link, after shipping the product to the buyer.

If no return request has been raised by the buyer for three days of product delivery, you will receive the payment within 7 to 10 working days in the shared bank account or Etashee wallet.

You will be charged a commission of 35% percent once your product is sold. The commission charges will be deducted from the amount collected from the buyers.

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