What to Wear to Work as Winter Starts

Winter is here and the first and the foremost thing that strikes the mind is what to wear to work. Some ladies might start dreading their wardrobes once they notice a drop in the temperature because putting together a look that is both chic and warm enough to protect you from the chill is not really easy at times. So here comes the inevitable pertinent question, what to wear to work as winter sets in?

Yes, winter brings fresh challenges but at the same instance the weather also brings you with an amazing opportunity to be able to play with fashion and show the world your amazing sense of style and with some thinking you can always get the desired look. To make it easier for you we have listed down some tried and tested looks you can go to when in confusion. Go through these super stylish outfit ideas and have your cold weather looks on look. These super stylish winter outfit ideas will surely take you through each and every job challenge.

  1. Chunky Knit Sweaters with Pencil Skirts

Chunky sweaters happen to be a favourite winter staple for all of us. They are warm and stylish so why not pair with a ladylike skirt to create a failsafe office look. Keep your look elegant by sticking to solid colours. Tuck in your sweater and add a belt around the waist to create a streamlined look. Tights and heels will give your look a finishing touch. In case you need some layering, a long coat comes handy to keep your protected from the chill.

  1. Puffer Coat with Black Pants

You should consider yourself lucky if you don’t have a fixed uniform for work as this way you can always experiment with new and different style ideas. Keeping in with the simple vibe a puffer coat comes as another great choice to be work to office. Team it with a slim fitted pant and cinch at the waist for a more defined look. This will not only keep you warm but also save you the ‘what to wear’ dilemma.


  1. Sweater Dresses are Love

Sweater dresses come as a dream to every fashionista. They are super chic and comfy. Team it with tights, ankle booties and blazer to keep it elegant and office appropriate.

  1. Flared Pants with Velvet Jacket

Despite the style factor we women like to keep things simple when dressing for dressing for work. A feminine shirt tucked in a flared pant and teamed with heels and velvet jackets is a good option to create the perfect office look. High on style this look is both sleek and simple.

  1. Ankle Boots with Midi Skirts

A thin sweater tucked in a midi skirt comes perfect to be worn to office on any day for that sleek and sober look. Team it with neutral coloured ankle boots and add a leather jacket to stay protected from the cold while also maintaining your style quotient.

  1. Wide Legged Pants with Blazer

No time to try different outfits? No worries. This look is both easy to put and high on style. Team your culottes and wide legged trousers with fitted tops to balance out the volume. Add a structured blazer and heels to make your look ready for the office while also making sure that you are protected from cold.

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