5 Fabulous Lehenga Styles For The Bride To Be

A bridal outfit happens to be one of the most important outfits for every woman out there. They spend a considerable amount of time and money thinking and shopping for their bridal clothes. Although there are a variety of options available to the Indian bride when it comes to picking something for their big day, a lehenga happens to be one of the most popular bridal outfits. First thing it is both traditional and feminine.

 Secondly being super stylish it adds to the grace and aura of brides and perhaps that is the reason why we love donning a lehenga on our special day more than anything else. Apart from being the perfect bridal wear, they are also great to be worn at different wedding functions. So if you too happen to be a would be bride or have a wedding function to attend, here are some of the most popular lehenga types to make sure that you look you gorgeous best on your wedding and make it memorable.

  1. A-line Lehenga

Look amazing on your special day dressed in an A-line lehenga. Featuring A-line hem these lehengas are usually tighter at the hem and flaring out at the bottom. They look wonderful on different body shapes such as hourglass, pear shape as well as tall body structure. Look for colours, fabrics and embellishments to make sure that it matches the excitement in your heart and adds to your beautiful look. You can also opt for a simple design if you are wearing it at a wedding function.

  1. Flared Lehenga

Flared lehenga, also known as circular lehenga, is one of the oldest of styles. They feature broad flares and give the impression of forming a complete circle due to the extra volume and lots of pleats. They look great on apple shape, pear shape, rectangle shape as well as hourglass figures. If you want your wedding lehenga to be heavy they come as the best choice. Look for pretty embroidery in some bright colours for a gorgeous look.

  1. Fish Cut Lehenga

Fish cut lehengas are also known as mermaid lehengas and look best on hourglass and rectangle body shapes. As the name suggests these lehengas feature a fishtail shaped bottom along with a fitted waist, tighter around the knees and flares at the bottom. Fish cut lehengas are perfect for modern brides who want to keep their look simple yet stylish. Fish cut lehenga are also great for wearing at different wedding functions.


  1. Sharara Lehenga

Sharara lehenga is basically a kurti worn with wide legged trousers or a palazzo but resembles a lehenga. Usually worn by Muslim brides, these are stitched from the middle of the hem similar to a palazzo. Sharara lenenga looks good on apple shape, pear shape, rectangle shape and hourglass body shapes. You can also opt for it if you have a tall frame. Colours such as red, green and turquoise are most preferred for sharara lehenga.

  1. Panelled Lehenga

As the name suggests, paneled lehengas feature several panels attached together that offers it lots of flare. The contrasting set of fabric used offers it a colourful and chic look. They are great for rectangular as well as inverted triangle body shapes. Usually resembling a petticoat with flared bottom they come with heavy embellishments and hence are perfect to be worn on the big day. Visit online lehenga shopping store here:

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