Winter Dressing Style for Men

The days are becoming shorter which only means that the winter season is approaching. However, this does not seem to be a good news for many of us men especially the ones who do not know how to dress for the cold days ahead. Dressing for the climate is extremely important to appear chic and put together. But at the same instance comfort plays a good deal of role in deciding how you feel about yourself. So before you are hit by the onslaught of brutal, unforgiving and ruthless winter getting your wardrobe ready for the weather comes as a must have. Follow these wonderful tips to stay protected and avoid looking like a schlub all winter long.

  1. Parka Jacket

A parka jacket is all you need to maintain your style statement while also staying protected on harsh winter days. A versatile classic winter wear, a parka can offer you a smart look when teamed with the right outfits. Colours such as black, grey, navy blue and green are most preferred as they can be easily paired with other colours. Although they are considered a casual staple, with proper styling they can also be worn to office.

  1. Sweaters

Sweaters come as basic winter wardrobe staple and if you think that you can survive without them it’s time to think again. Besides, sweaters can be found in a wide range of colours, design and fabrics making sure that your winter wardrobe is not just limited to only black and grey.  Some of the most preferred styles of men’s sweaters are turtle neck sweaters, V neck sweaters and crew neck sweaters. Turtle neck sweaters are great for they can be easily dressed up and down. Layer them under a blazer for a dapper look and give it a casual spin by pairing it with a pair of joggers. Crew neck sweaters are best for smart dressing. You can either wear them on their own, with a t-shirt or layered over a dress shirt. V neck sweaters on the other hand are mostly preferred for formal looks. Wear them over dress shirts and business suits to give an elegant finish to your winter office look.

  1. Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are another must have in your winter wardrobe. They are not only great to be worn on slightly colder days but are also great for layering purposes. Versatile and practical, they are sure to add to your winter style. Opt for colours such as grey, black, white and blue etc. to keep it elegant yet stylish. Also, you can style them to get different looks such as casual and street style. That’s not all. You can also wear them to office for a smart and dashing look. Get yourself a dark coloured sweatshirt, layer a white button down shirt under it and team it with a black fitted trouser and black formal shoes and get ready to receive plenty of compliments.

  1. Winter Accessories

We don’t pay much attention to winter accessories such as gloves, scarves etc. They might seem insignificant but they are extremely important to your winter wardrobe. They not only add to your fashionable look but also help you stay protected from the cold. Gloves are great for keep your hands warm. A benie cap on the other hand will keep your ears and head protected from the chilly wind. Similarly a wool muffler or scarf will keep your warm around the neck and ear.

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